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Online Safety

Last updated 11/10/22

This Online Safety Policy must be read by all Users with consideration and agreement in conjunction with The Apply Group Ltd.’s other Policies and Terms & Conditions, which will provide context and definitions.


This Online Safety Policy applies to The Apply Group Ltd’s digital Website(s), as defined in the Company Terms & Conditions, connecting existing university students and alumni (Mentors/Tutors) with potential applicants (Students/Applicants) and their representatives (inc. parents, legal guardians, schools) as well as potential employers. When we refer to, “we, us or our” in this Online Safety Policy then we are referring to:

Safety Foundations

Feedback about our Students/Applicants is reflected in our rating system and we encourage parents and schools to take advantage of this information when choosing a Mentor/Tutor for their particular child(re

Online Platform Safety

Session Preparation and Delivery Recommendations

Contact Guidelines

Safeguarding Responsibilities

Please also read and adhere to Our Safeguarding Policy and report any concerns to the Senior Management team where you feel neccessary.